Monday, April 11, 2011

to market, to market

My friend Lynelle Miller and I went to the Made with Love Bazaar Market.
It was really lovely to meet everyone and a few from bloggers land. Lovely to meet you all.

We did ok and will try and go again in the next month... We had to wear vintage aprons, that was fun.
The next time our stall won't be sooo crowded. Refine our stall table and our market so to speak.
Smaller cheaper things sell very well, we have decided. People don't like spending BIG money at "markets".
The next one will be 14th May. Lets get folding.
Here are the flowers I took along. They did well too.

These flowers I have made for my sister's wedding bouquet. I just love them. I think I will change the red velvet ribbon to a wide black satin.

Cheerio Tam. Have fun.

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pattas said...

Love the flowers, :))