Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter beanie

I just love Easter, and my favourite part is the chocolate of course, but this year we are slowing down on the amount of chocolate we eat...We eat it ALL year, so we decided to make something different with an easter theme.

It's so gorgeous. Easter colour inspiration from all those pinterest pics of dyeing easter eggs...I found a stash of yarn I had lying around (hidden behind the couch, where else really ;0 )

The yarn is an 8 ply acrylic and I have knitted the beanie using 5mm needles. I don't know what the tension is for this yarn, but I took it as the same for most 8plys on 4mm needles. (which is: 4mm knitting needles and 22 stitches by 30 rows for a 10cm (4 inch) square)

The Pictures:

The Easter Beanie for the non chocolate eaters... :)
A gorgeous sunny day for picture taking. 

The Pattern

Cast on 70 stitches.
Knit two purl two.
Rib for 6 rows. 
Knit row and increase 10 stitches as evenly as you can. That would be every 7 add one stitch.  80 stitches.
Knit etc. Continue stocking stitch until length measures 10cm.

Decrease in multiples of 10 on knit row. Copied next bit from my previous post Cleackheaton california beanie

knit 8 knit 2 together, repeat pattern until 72 stitches... you get my drift
knit 7 K2tog...64
knit 6 K2tog...56
knit 5 K2tog...48
knit 4 K2tog...40
knit 3 K2tog...32 
knit 2 K2tog...24
knit 1 K2tog...16 no more knit all rounds..J
Break end long enough for a seam to be sewn.
Pull end through all stitches and sew seams together in a ladder stitch and tie in the loose ends.
Secure tightly a huge pompom. We used a pompom maker and trimmed to globe shape.
This will fit a baby at size zero or about 36 cm.

An easy peasy pattern...ENJOY

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Cheers Tamsin Adams
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