Monday, August 5, 2013

Cleackheaton California Beanie

Here are my knitted beanies I have made using the gorgeous and woolly Cleackheaton California range of wool.

I'm not one hundred percent sure of the colourway names here, but anyways...

I loved the colourways to start with and fell in love the wool...It was beautiful to knit up and so easy on circular needles...all you do is knit knit knit...

THE Pictures :
pink colourway, messy hair do...

boyish colourway, messy hair do...
same as above colourway different beanie, nice

MINE that started all, I think it was called "circus" or something of the likes...

The Pattern:
The gauge as stated on the wool band is: 4mm knitting needles and 22 stitches by 30 rows for a 10cm (4 inch) square...and 100% wool. yummm.

SO I used a 4.5mm circular them.

For my beanie to fit my head of 56cm. I cast on 120 stitches...there's a gauge for you. You can do the maths...AND ONE BALL OF WOOL...

Cast on 120 stitches plus one to work the first and last stitch together in the first round to make the circle. Checking that you don't twist the row. (could get ugly).
Knit every round until work measures 7 inches. (my magic number here J )
I did count the rows for you and it was about 53.

Then decrease the rows... I did want 10 groups in the pattern for the decreases.

So knit 10, knit 2 together, repeat pattern...until 110 stitches remain. (my maths 10 groups of 12 stitches, easy right...)
knit a round
knit 9 knit 2 together, repeat pattern until 100 stitches... you get my drift
knit 8 K2tog...90
knit 7 K2tog...80
knit 6 K2tog...70
knit 5 K2tog...60
knit 4 K2tog...50
knit 3 K2tog...40 ...if you want to change to double pointed needles, but I kept carrying on...
knit 2 K2tog...30
knit 1 K2tog...20 no more knit all rounds..J
and again k2tog, break end and pull through all stitches...fasten off with yarn needle... and sew in the loose ends.

I like to write every row, where there is instruction...I tend to print it out and cross it over when I've finished a row...
Easier for me to keep count...

I cast on 130 stitches and still knitted the 7 " in length, BUT the first decrease row was:
knit 11, knit 2 together, repeat pattern...until 120 stitches remain. (my maths: 10 groups of 13 stitches for the first row)
Then go back to the pattern above.

Cast on groups of 10 and start the decrease where you need to in the pattern. You could probably reduce the length by an inch or two if you make it small child size. Have fun...

I don't mind if you share this page...I would love to see a pic if you knit it...
If you have any questions feel free to ask nicely...J

Cheers Tamsin Adams
Independent Stampin' Up!® Demonstrator and lover of all crafty things...J

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