Thursday, December 29, 2016

My photo essay

Another unit of study completed online with Unitas. There are so many ways to learn.
Here is my photo essay.

After the long 4 hour drive to our shack the night before, our sleep in was rudely interrupted.
A squeal of excitement ripples through me. "Mum, C'mon get up”, she said, “Let's paint already.“
Scrabbling and rolling over to snuggle and hide under the doona, I wished we were on holidays.
Dragging ourselves out of bed and dressing in old clothes to the aroma of freshly made coffee.
Being woken so early to a beautiful sunshiny day, made us feel a little less dead.
There was only one thing to do and no time for our usual barbecued bacon and eggs.
Singing along loudly to keep that hand dipping and slapping.
The money he earns, helps his dreams of owning a computer a little less distant.
We'd rather be fishing on this windless holiday like day..
Five hundred steps shows on her fitbit already.
What a fantastic effort for this little early morning squealer.
She’s certainly a mover and not afraid of the disturbed bats flying out of the walls.

Shaping this family, together with strength and love.
While husband climbs the ladder to fix and paint the highest parts, I keep the peace between the cranky kids.
No winds and blue sky, allowing us to dream of beautiful fishing holidays to come.

How little time we have, and to be able to create more work for ourselves.
What am I thinking, are we crazy, I look back and dream of changing the door colour already.
We haven’t even finished painting the first coat yet.

Collapsing onto the couch exhausted, the husband that never stops, adds the finishing touches.
This weekend here in our little shack leaves us no time for a little fish or gathering of oysters.
We do not look forward to coming back to paint again.

“Yippee”, we scream. “Well look at that”, said the husband, “we totally missed that bit above the roof”.
I really just want to go home now, missing my third child of mine, left at home for a party.

Feeling a little elated that we had actually started this challenge and we were home free.
Painting the family holiday shack was an exciting adventure.
Until next time little house when we shall do it all over again, maybe, just maybe, one coat will do.

Have fun looking around and if you need anything else just holler.

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