Friday, October 18, 2013

Leadlight Cabinet - curved door repair

Scary. As I pulled out the windows, the putty and lead were well past its use by date. All the glass pieces were very loose and the putty brittle. So I had decided along the way to relead all panels.
First taking windows out complete was tricky and nerve wracking with a few smashing to the ground.

Then pulling the lead apart to save the glass as the glass was very thin, 2mm...I haven't used this before...Cleaning the glass was also a tricky job as I didn't want to smash the pieces...However I managed to chip the putty off enough to be reusable...

Putting all pieces in place without a pattern after many photos was easier than I thought. Nerve wracking session over...phew . I managed to replace a couple of same size pieces from the other window panel, to make a whole panel...before sourcing my new glass...

Finally found some, I used and recycled a couple of photoframes, that I had stored away to use one day...(I have lots of treasures everywhere :) )

Off to buy new lead and to start over.

There you go...ALL ready to solder, BUT I'm not even half way yet.

The flat panel is very easy, (which I haven't soldered as yet)

The next steps to do are:
  • to solder, then wash
  • the messy part of puttying, and again another wash
  • AND a polish and yet again another wash
  • Finally Installation...the trickiest of all, especially the curved ones...
Keep tuned in for the second part of this post...(sorry will have to keep you in suspense for a bit). I will update and add a link here when done...

Hopefully I will have this finished in time for Christmas this year

Thanks for looking, leave a comment if you wish. Or email me here for any queries.

Cheers Tamsin Adams
Independent Stampin' Up!® Demonstrator and
lover of all crafty things - today is leadlight...


Geraldine Sewell said...

OMG girl ..... Is there anything that could stop you! You are one very talented lady! Cannot wait to see the finished cabinet.

Diana krause said...

everything is fine in this blog nothing goes wrong its an art according to me with the bent doors and as well a nice blog.