Thursday, April 19, 2012

its raining its pouring so i am making jam.

Just a quickie.
To do when its raining: (which again was a couple of weeks months ago. How do you put photos in here quick? i cant seem to and then i lose interest...):
I have jam, blackberry. But only half as much as last year even less. The council have sprayed off our favourite blackberry collecting spot. And they are all DEAD....cry sob...
But we managed to find a few spots on our own 7 acres and the next door neighbours, shhh don't tell...

Here is a little pic.

And now to swap with a friend who has made logan berry jam. yummo on scones with cream.
Now off to cook some scones yay...Maybe I'll have to update with a pic later...have fun in the rain. Oh and the next cook up will be pears, the kids collected them today. A busy cooking time ahead.

and a small update, since I wrote those words ages ago..
The pears are about to be eaten or made into wine...yummo.
Cheers Tamsin. Wish i had a faster computer.....argghhh

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