Friday, May 27, 2011

Paper Dress and Mask Competition at the Makers Workshop Burnie

I really wanted to do something BIG. Thanks to my family and friends, we pulled this out of envelopes I had been collecting for "SOMETHING..."
I decided to have a go only last Friday and we did this in two days after 3 days of mucking around with paper.

Well done girls. It was stressfully FUN. and we think its the best...We have called the dress AUTUMN, as our Autumn nears end. Tinkerbell was our inspiration with our blue green envelopes and we all "Believe in Fairies".

And all the while I was dreaming up this mask and finally got it in as well... woohooo...
Kanzashi flowers I love.

And will have another go at them from material. FUN FUN FUN...
We are all exhausted from the excitement and fun.
Cheers tam.

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