Monday, March 7, 2011

Recycling we love it

half the bunting

the other half

the whole things fits nicely over the door.

and again

my kids having a go while i make flowers with milk lids...

the flowers

and ball out of the same book.
Just love playing with paper and all sorts. Getting ready for a recycling brainstorming for tonight. A few things for show that may inspire day carers. I have been invited to talk and explore recycling as a craft (is what i love doing most tooo) to daycarers. Even though some of these items are a little advanced for little hands I hope to get them thinking about recycling products.

What do you use the most??

We keep the shells and egg carton, and plant beans, peas, broccoli, (list is endless) in them with seed raising mix and then when big enough, poke a hole in bottom of shell and plant as is. But if the snails eat them you can see where it was, lol. We painted ours pink first. just gorgeous.


broccoli planted in shell in place

Drink a lot of milk?? Plant the bottom half of the containers with seedlings and use the top half for a watering can (with lid attached). Or just use the lids up after washing for sorting and craft with the kids. The kids love watering...

and beans
and some peas, the kids love shelling them and we feed the shells to the chookies tooo.

Cheers Tamsin

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Nellie put the kettle on said...

It beats me how clever you are!