Friday, March 11, 2011

More horses

Look what I found when I pulled out my quilting mat!!! arhhhh!!!!
ZANE get me the broom!!! ("but muuum, where is it?") ,

and he did after it crawled across the floor with the girls squealing, I swept him out the door...
I finally finished two more horses for two little boys. A little less pink was good.
and while I was sewing zane did this in lego, too cute... Maybe that could work for me too. Another idea brewing.

upside down but you get my drift...
Another thing that really takes my fancy is recycling items everyone else (most I might add) sees as junk. This window my husband was going to throw out. I said "nooo i could use that". I dreamed of gardens and secret mirrors looking into other worlds... It came from our old shed. I have a beautiful pic of my dad in front of... Anyway here's the mirrored window. I just have to putty together and paint it. And then paint the wall I would like to place it on. SOOON...Maybe while hubby is away this weekend fishing. Sounds easy if it doesn't rain.
Loving it, Cheers tam.

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