Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love is in the air

I had the need to play with paper today and I got going with an old book no-one has read in a loooong time. I also had a vision of making coloured meringues and gluing them together with white chocolate, but i didn't get that far.
We went to the beach instead. I collected some seaweed while the kids played in it and the water... Not a good swimming spot - sorry kids...
anyways here's a couple of pics of the chain of hearts

And then  I got excited and made a couple of loopy hearts out of a Florence Nightingale book. I thought that was fitting.

And then after I exhausted myself in the garden mowing our bank - near my favourite spot, on the rocks, I decided to make a little bag for my nephew from a friends stash she dropped off to me. How exciting - more stuff to play with.
I thought of matching some pj's to go with them. see how i feel tomorrow.Here you go some more pics.

A very simple little rectangular bag with inside pockets for other things. A long handle to accomodate growth. I know it probably won't last that long, but a cute idea.
OOHHH and i nearly forgot. the last UFO i chucked out. It did not go well in the wash. One booty was longer than the other and out of shape. I don't know what happened to it but was way tooo ugly.... lol.
Next UFO ( must make a list somehow) is the newly started reindeer. Is very cute and i have visions (again) of making 12, but we will see after one...
Cheers again. tam.


Nellie put the kettle on said...

ok, you have way toooo much time! I'm jealous. Can't wait till kids go back to school next week and we can all get back into routine!!
Love the paper hearts, how clever.

Kathy said...

These paper hearts are great, I'm going to have a go at making some one day soon! I think they would be great made out of last years christmas cards for christmas decorations this year or would card be too thick do you think? Is that 3.09 AM you posted those photos.......I have been waking up at 2am and have learnt to get up now cause I don't go back to sleep till 4am so can use that time constructively instead of tossing and turning.

tamsininamania said...

Sorry Kathy I so missed your comment. Yes i don't know about the time there, very unusual. I am generally asleep at that time. Yes I think xmas cards would be great. You could paper chain them together as well, not too thick, I don't think You can only try...Have fun, let me know how you go. Hope this get to you. cheers tam.