Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lots of lillies.

Just finished 100 lillies. Wow that is a lot. I asked husband how many do you reckon, and he said 70. not bad I guessed 50 and then I counted them.

In the last few days while being outside in the sun out of the wind digging in the vegie patch (and it is hard) i finished another ball while resting. Pictured above.

A friend visited today and we talked about hydroponics especially carrots. I thought this I might have to try. Normally they being underground and dirty, hard to pull and lots of weeding and watering. Mine never do very well. SO the good thing was no weeding no digging and breaking your back and you would be recycling water. All sounds a bit easy- might give it a go...Maybe I am dreaming again. and I am.

Here are some more flowers I have finished over the last few weeks. Recycled paper old books - crumbling folds and a musical book of ancient days. It was for sale 4'6 once. Wow that is old. I cut it up because it was nearly ruined. And the last piccy is of some cheap paper I bought once from a shop and wondered what to do with it.

Have a good night as I dream up how to rig a hyrdroponic system for carrot growing, hmmm yum carrots. Maybe in time for easter 
Getting a little excited 
This could work...
Cheers tam.


Nellie put the kettle on said...

love it Tam, we tried carrots last year, waste of time. great pics love your flowers.

tamsininamania said...

ooh we missed you last night. you had better tell me more about carrot growing...cheers.