Thursday, February 3, 2011

Knitting again...

Just completed knitting DS covers for the kiddies. They really really wanted covers for their machines and i thought we had spent enough money for the time right now. SO we went to spotlight to find the best buttons ever and then i knitted coordinating colours to match the buttons too. Designed and fitted by me and the kids love them. LUCKY!!

Here they are...
before buttons attached.

all they need now is a press stud.
I should have put in a button hole in the flap and then sewed the button onto the bottom part. Oh well, will next time. have fun.

cheers tam.

AND AGAIN I just might add that I have knitted these two scarves over the last few days too. So much for UFO's. I'll get them out tonight, off to the garden I'm going, while no rain... Cheers again. tam.

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