Thursday, April 19, 2012

A quickie update: I have trashed a few and done a couple, yay. back to work for me...
This is THE  list of things I would like to finish: by the end of 2011 and now 2012...and we are going through it fast.
1 hot water bottle for Jess
2 a little reindeer
3 santa stocking for my newest nephew
4 a red knitted cable bag for me  DONE FOR and PULLED apart to use the wool for some little gnomes...TRASHED.
5 a wizard x-stitch on black i have had for years DONE FOR.
6 a tapestry of the creswick mine - that my sister started
7 knit myself a jacket - I have two started  1 is DONE FOR, I did knit and it was hideously ugly...not good. TRASHED.
8 clean my room, DONE FOR....yay. and the kids and the lounge and the kitchen, nearly!!!
9 start and complete my dream to have a second lampshade in the lounge room.
10 that will do for now...   omgosh.

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Nellie put the kettle on said...

2 Blogs in the one day, putting the rest of us to shame. xx Like the list (noticed there's nothing on there for some of your DEAREST friends Hahaha!) Mybe I need to add to it...or maybe I should create my own many things I want to do and yet here we are halfway through April. Luv ya Tam xx