Saturday, September 3, 2011

goose egg - just one

We were so lucky (apparently they are quite rare) to be given some goose eggs to try. They are quite enormous compared to our chickens. So I went googling for recipes and found one for brownies...We have yet to try it, but it sounds delicious.. We made homemade pasta instead.
We measured the weight of the egg, just out of interest, and then added 300g of 0000 flour. The pasta recipe I use is 5 eggs to 500g flour. And a normal egg size is 60g, sooo the goose egg, as I read as well, is nearly 3 times the size of a chickens egg....
We processed the egg and flour together, (I'm a little bit lazy and have machines to do the work, so to speak) and pulled it out as a crumbly mixture. You could add water or oil or flavours, we don't, and then put handfuls through the roller a few times. Then we make it into thin pasta sheets. We dry it over the clothes horse until it starts to fall onto the floor. (only when you bump it) And then cook it in boiling water to add in layers to the lasagne.

This amount of pasta will do two meals for us and I will put the other half in the freezer. I also make the sauce the night before too, to cut down on time spent in kitchen... Heres some pics to show you...have fun. yummmooo.

The goose egg
The processor
The kneaded pasta dough
The rolling and thinning

And the half dished lasagne...yummo. Red wine goes down well, cheers Tam


Nellie put the kettle on said...

Wow, that looks like a whole lot of fun, and even better you get to eat at the end of it...Yumo!!!

ArtBug said...


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